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What is the Sanford Returnship Program?

Step back into the workforce confidently after time away with our Sanford Health Returnship Program.

The Sanford Health Returnship Program is designed to help provide career opportunities for those who have a college education, previous professional experience, and are looking to make their way back into the workforce full-time after stepping away. This hands-on, 12-week, flexible schedule, paid program will refresh your professional skills and knowledge under the guidance of an experienced mentor. It provides career development opportunities and a chance to investigate new career paths.

What you can expect

  • To develop confidence in returning to the workforce after taking time away
  • Skill development, networking, and professional growth opportunities
  • Find a career area that fits your skill set
  • Take technology courses
  • Networking opportunities with peers in the Returnship Program, Sanford Health leadership and program alumni


Who is Eligible?

Candidates considered for the Returnship Program will have:

  • Prior professional experience
  • College degree
  • Been out of the workforce at least 24 months with a desire to return

What’s included?

  • 400 hours of paid work experience
  • 12-week program
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Skill gap analysis and career development

How to Apply

  • All available Returnships will be posted here. Please follow the application process and provide an updated resume

If you do not see a link for the Returnships below, we may have filled all openings for the year. However, if you have questions or would like to speak with an HR professional, call (877) 243-1372. We’d love to hear from you.

Available Returnships